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I believe in including your personal style and personality in events. I believe in parties that take your breath away. I believe in making your guests feel pampered. I know that planning a wedding or event is very stressful and I want you to be able to enjoy the planning as much as your big day. 


Every couple is unique. You have your personal style, memories, secrets, hobbies, unique love for each other and your own picture of what a perfect day looks like. Because of this, our goal is to get our couples to look away from what a wedding "should" be like and instead, start from the beginning and create a day that reflects you as a couple. There are no musts and I want to help you create something new, something unique and something "you". 


We want to help you create a wedding that others will be pinning on Pinterest, not re-create one that has already been pinned. We want every little detail to feel like part of a theme, and that the theme reflects you. With this in mind, we help you plan and design your big day and have so much fun during the process!


Love, Fanny + team

Fanny Staaf

Founder, Lead Designer & Florist

Fanny founded Fanny Staaf Events in early  2016 after a childhood in the flower industry followed by several years in the wedding industry in New York City och Australia. 

As our lead designer Fanny design all our clients moodboards, color palettes och design concepts. No detail is left to chance and she works close with our couples to make sure their personalities, story and personal style shines through and that everything feels cohesive from save the date to the wedding night.

Erin Stegman

Lead Planner

Erin moved from California to Stockholm for love and has since then been an invaluable part of the Fanny Staaf Events-team. She has many years of experience in Special Events from Charleston and San Francisco.  


As our lead planner, Erin is responsible for all coordination and logistics at all our weddings. She makes sure nothing falls through the cracks, recommends couples to the best vendors and ties all the loose ends together.

Matilda Ekman


Matilda has worked at almost every single wedding Fanny Staaf Events has executed since 2016.  She has 15 years of experience as a florist and that is exactly what she does for our clients - creates magical bouquets and flower arrangements for them! 

When she is not arranging flowers she runs her own company Omslag and works as an interior designer. 


Nora Forsberg

Planner & Designer

Nora has been an important part of the Fanny Staaf Events-team since  2019 och assist both Fanny in design and flowers and Erin in coordination. Nora has a background in service and recruitment. 

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